Welcome To Medical Staff – Now What?

If you’re reading this post and site, you are probably a lot like I was a few years ago, and still am today.  Lost, bewildered, confused – and trying to figure out how to do a job that has next to no official training attached to it.

You’ll learn as you go.

On the job training.

Trial by fire.

These are just a few of the phrases I heard in my first month working in the Medical Staff Office.  They were not lying.

I began this site to help those, like me, who are desperately attempting to do a job that few can explain coherently.

My fondest hope for those who find this site is that you had a wonderful trainer and mentor when you began your position.  If you are one of those, please stick around and feel free to thank your mentor that they knew what they were doing and were able to transfer that knowledge to you.  Laughing at my clueless-ness is an extra bonus.  For those of you who were thrown into the position, or accepted it without a clue what you were getting into, this site is for you.

This site is for me to relay my own trials and tribulations.  It is for you to learn from.  It is for me to learn from you.  I want you to question my posts, ask if it is truly a best practice or something that “has always been done”.  Help us all to become excellent at our jobs.

Join me in attempting to make sense of the craziness we call Medical Staff Credentialing.



Author: Karen Kerbaugh

I am currently a Credentialing Specialist who still has a long way to go and a lot to learn. Follow me on my journey and let's learn together.

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